Florida Child Support Calculator – How It Works!

Florida Child Support Calculator _ How It Works!

If you have a minor child in the state of Florida, you are responsible by Florida law to provide support. If the child or children do not live with you, you may be required to pay the custodian of that child. The Florida Child Support Calculator will require information regarding your finances to determine how much you will pay. A custodian my be the other parent, caregiver or guardian or the government. Florida’s child support laws are similar to other states in recognizing a child’s right to be supported by his or her parents. The parents may be divorced or never married. florida mom

The Florida Child Support Calculator considers the amount of your monthly net pay. It is expected that parent’s must have income to support their child.  The child’s needs, age, standard of living and financial status of each parent is factored. The calculator inputs amounts and parameters to make the determination. All wages, salary, bonuses, commissions, tips, overtime and other special payments are included. Income from a business or self employment is considered. Obviously, the net income  after business expenses are calculated. As with any financial situation, good records and supporting documents are a must. Proof of payments, pay stubs, workers comp, unemployment, rents, royalties, social security, dividend, interest, pensions retirement, are income. It would be wise to consultant a CPA or accountant to determine your net if you are unsure. A qualified attorney or experienced law firm can also assist you. Banking institutions along with employers are required to disclose or cooperate when it comes to child support. This is true in most states.  The courts do not look favorably on the parent who attempts to hide income.

Besides the Florida child support calculator figuring you monthly amount, the responsibility of health insurance is include. Child care expenses are also added to the amount. Judges usually don’t include the childcare for your child’s other parent to go to dinner. But if your child attends karate after school, that may be considered childcare.

The calculator is online so you can get a rough idea where you stand. Be sure to consult legal advice to know your options. A good attorney should be up to date on the newest changes in the law.  You can get several opinions and “shop” attorneys. Trust but verify. The Florida child support calculator is meant to offer a guideline. Special circumstances may affect the child support amount. Having other children and obligations may also factor in the amount. Any special needs a child has may be considered.

Florida Child Support Calculator – What’s Considered!

If your child lives in Florida, and you have a child support order, the amount you pay was probably figured by a Florida child support calculator. It is a guideline governed by Florida law. The child support guidelines factor in the number of children to be supported. The parent’s net income is considered, as well … Continue reading